Vitality Survey

Ask Yourself…

  • Are you clear about what matters most to you and satisfied with how you’re spending your life?
  • Can you readily access your energy and resources in a way that streamlines your efforts while producing exquisite results?
  • Would you describe your body state as mostly relaxed and fluid?
  • Can you participate in “difficult conversations” and have them produce greater trust and uplifting new outcomes?
  • Would you say you have a rich spiritual life?
  • Do you know how and when to bring levity and innovation into settings that are a little too tense or rigid?
  • Can you “authorize” rest and relaxation for yourself?
  • When you encounter unexpected or challenging situations, can you maintain a sense of humor, connection and authenticity?
  • Do you experience a level of prosperity (sense of ease in health, harmony, meaningful engagement, and resources) that frees you to do your best work?
  • Do you feel like you make a difference in the world?

What it all Means

If you had 0 NO’s, congratulations!  Get back to dancing.

If you had 1-3 NO’s, you’re probably enjoying your life enough.

If you had 4-6 NO’s, you’re being a good sport but not living a juicy life.

If you had 7 or more NO’s, Stop!  You’re living on fumes at best.

Two Women Jumping for Joy on the Beach at Sunset



Why settle for less than everything? There are practices that can replace a parched life with a juicy one. For instance: exhale, spend more time in nature, be around people who are positive about life, laugh more, eat well, rest, reconnect with what makes your heart sing, read The Trance of Scarcity, contact Victoria for a free consultation.

What would be possible if you were at the top of your game?