Victoria Castle, MSC, is a champion of people’s greatness. She speaks and teaches internationally, leads online courses and workshops, and coaches individuals with a focus on essence and energy rather than surface and symptom. What is key to living a meaningful life, what inspires people into full aliveness – these are the juicy questions.  Victoria has helped thousands of people live with greater, ease, joy, and purpose.

She is the author of The Trance of Scarcity (Berrett-Koehler 2007) which addresses our cultural pre-disposition to “not enough-ness” and offers the practices for embodying (not just conceptualizing) abundance and ease as a way of being.  The element of embodiment is a signature of Victoria’s work. As a Master Somatic Coach, she has been consulting with leaders and innovators for over 20 years.  Her credentials include waitress, tour guide, convention coordinator, high ropes trainer, community activist, singer, artist, caterer, wedding celebrant, life-long spiritual student, improv performer, and reluctant cook.

Victoria lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, Tim, and 2 perfect dogs. Her trademark blend of rigorous practicality and irreverent humor make her a compelling speaker, teacher, coach, and person to get stuck on the runway with. Contact Victoria

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