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 Ready to live your best life?

“Victoria is a space in which someone’s greatness has a chance to speak and be known.”
Vicki Robin, author of Your Money or Your Life
and a dear friend

Why Embodiment?

Would you rather eat a perfect peach or see a picture of it? Embodiment is a full-self experience so that you are an integrated whole being. That includes thinking, feeling, sensing, perceiving, reacting, reasoning, intuiting, loving, creating.

Making friends with our body gives access to the whole brilliant system that makes up a human being. Our body stores the life we’ve lived up until now, IT has a lot of wisdom. If you want things to be different, you DEFINITELY want to invite your body.



 Why Spiritual?

Who we are at our essence can be called spirit. Not religious or bound by doctrine, it’s the innate thrust toward wholeness and aliveness. It’s where inspiration lives (inspiration – in spirit). The more we operate from essence, the more we tap into the mother lode of what is most authentic for us. And where we find our innate gifts and our own personal experience of wholeness.



Coaching with Victoria guides you to:

  • Operate from your most optimal state
  • Be at ease and available to resources that surround you
  • Navigate by what has heart and meaning for you
  • Move effectively and ease-fully in your professional and personal life
  • Experience deep reward, satisfaction, and meaning in the life you are living
  • Sustain your well-being spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally
  • EMBODY THE LIFE YOU WANT TO BE LIVING rather than flipping through a magazine that shows pictures of it

Our currency for change is Awareness and Practice. Based on Neuroscience and ancient spiritual practices, we now know that the body/brain is malleable and trainable (basically unlimited). Knowing how to cultivate a Way of Being is the TRUMP CARD in the game of change.

Castle-skype-logoI’ve been coaching women and men for over 20 years – leaders, business owners, teams, boards of directors, social entrepreneurs….basically individuals who have too much to offer to settle for a puny life.

Be prepared to increase your Bliss Tolerance because when we’re feeling alive, we are at our best.

I coach many of my clients by phone and Skype as well as in person so you don’t need to travel here. Embodiment practices work anywhere.


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Interested in coaching? Let’s talk and see if we’re a fit.

Email me to set up a chat – offer me a few times in the next couple weeks. Plan on about 45 minutes to explore what coaching involves and what life could be .

The Trance of Scarcity by Victoria CastleOh, If you haven’t read my book, The Trance of Scarcity, you might want to. It will tell you a lot about me, my style, and the principles of embodiment. You can read an excerpt here. Get your own copy from or your independent book seller.