Welcome to changing the game. It busts the paradigm of “if you struggle and strain enough, you might be eligible for a good life”, and has the nerve to offer Ease as the key ally to fulfillment. Heresy you say? You bet. And oh so very practical and effective.
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…yourself at your best, bursting with aliveness and gratitude, thriving as you make your richest contribution, embodying what has heart and meaning for you, basically living a spirit-saturated life.



That’s being inspired alive – enlivened by our inner calling that is constantly inviting us into the biggest game we’ll ever play. Our lives! And having the privilege of infecting others with that aliveness.





If struggling were the way to get there, we’d all be there by now.

~Victoria Castle, Author The Trance of Scarcity




Victoria Castle, MSC
Victoria Castle, MSC

Victoria Castle, MSC, is a champion of people’s greatness. She speaks and teaches internationally, leads online courses and workshops, and coaches individuals with a focus on essence and energy rather than surface and symptom.

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